The story so far...

His vision is clear: 

 “I provide people with the most important insights about themselves in a clear and practical way to build a self they love.”


Lifelong learning is one of the key values that define Marco.


He finished his Bachelor and Master of Psychology at the Maastricht University and read more than 150 books next to his studies. 


Marco travelled to more than 30 countries, lived in 4 of them and in the meanwhile built his consulting company of psychological growth and online learning.


After building a YouTube channel with more than 200 videos and working together with multiple companies to help people reflect, learn and grow from within, his thirst for learning has not stopped.


In fact, he is about to start his 2. Master at the business faculty at the Maastricht University in “learning and development in organizations“. 


With that being said he just turned 24.

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Marco Sander

Franz-Werfel-Weg 10

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Headquarter Germany, operate internationally
+49 160 96790827
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