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Christopher Zamat,

Canada, 29, Creative Writer

"Working with Marco was great. Marco gave me clear, intelligent and actionable advice to help boost my efficiency and productivity. I immediately began implementing his advice and have already noticed a change that I am very grateful for.

Even Marco´ s reassurance that I could keep a flexible schedule while maintaining a productive structure gave me a much-needed pep.

I find myself finishing all my tasks for the days ahead of my schedule, including writing this testimonial." 

Joris Schubert,

Germany, 25, M.Sc. Neuroeconomics

"We established stabile habits in my life. My days are more organized and I am so much less stressed..

Marco works very pragmatic and solution-oriented. He was able to pin down my problem quickly and precise, although I myself was struggling to do that.

His positivity, engagement and psychological know-how are the essence of a high-quality consultation."

Man Simran Singh,

India, 25, Technical Sales Engineer

"Marco is an attentive person and follows up well. I felt comfortable talking to him about myself the first time.

His suggestions and tips to cope with my anxiety and fears are commendable. I have tried doing it and it helps. He speaks out of his personal experience as well. I would refer him to my friends as well."

Levan Khomeriki,

Georgia, 35, Computer Graphic artist

"The session with Marco had the most positive impact on my well-being.

Marco is very attentive to details, which makes it easy to listen to and follow his techniques and advise.

Specifically, the visualization technique, that we went through, helped me clearly envision my fear and by the end I made a profound realization on where this fear was coming from." 

Florian Stinson,

Germany, 26, Financial adviser

"Marco is a very open-minded personality. He does not restrict himself to standard methods, but he always looks for the optimal way depending on you and your situation. 

I learned a lot from Marco which really moved me ahead in life."

USA, 31, Scientist

"Marco Sander was quite knowledgeable about his field, quick to understand unique struggles and quite polite and calm. I am sure Marco will be helpful. I would definitely recommend him for consulting."

Rohan Shinde,

India, 23, Freelancer

"Talking to Marco was a gratifying experience and I am really happy about it.

Marco helped me figure out the fundamental issues with my day to day planning and also advised me on how to approach those roadblocks. I´m looking forward to incorporating the changes we discussed and seeing positive results in the future." 

Yang Liu,

China, 29, College teacher

"Marco is a passionate professional who restlessly devotes his time and effort to help develop people and make a better sense of our lives through putting thoughts into action. 

Despite his young age, he is quite knowledgable about psychology.

He has never stopped being innovative in order to apply theories to real life situation and actually build up successful careers for us. 

As a coach, he is very inspiring, efficient and empathetic.

If you like to improve your life experience in many ways and don´t want to do it alone, Marco would be a very good partner to work with."

Jeffery Michael Hennings, 

USA, 26

"I had a great experience with Marco. His focus on specific and actionable steps is really helpful. He seems to really care about cutting through the noise and providing a perspective that´s good for you."

Robin Laird,

Netherlands, 27, Nutrition Coach

"I love Marco’s approach to lifestyle: it’s structured yet accessible. He translates his understanding of human psychology to highly practical tips, tricks, and insights. We connected immediately upon meeting and it was clear to me that he takes initiative to make dreams a reality. Marco is someone you’ll want by your side as you start thinking bigger, beyond your own limiting beliefs.”

Thandi Imphoka,

Malaysia, 22, Medical student

"The session was exactly what I needed at the time. Rather than just a conversation of everything wrong in my life, Marco helped guide me through my thought and feelings about my current situation. Very attentive, positive and knowledgeable, by the end of the session I already felt much better. He helped me come up with practical steps towards a better future for myself." 

Ary S, 

USA, prospective Doctor

"Complicated to simple. Marco helped me detangle what I thought was a difficult task ahead, to one that was simple to manage. I highly recommend Marco, he will not disappoint. Thank you so much!"

Some business partners...

Richard Walz,

Author and Keynotespeaker

"In times of many theorists, finally a system made for practice. Simply recommended!"

Christian Göggerle,

CEO, Hutner Training AG

"Marco is translating his well-founded psychological knowledge into our everyday life in a simple and practical way, which makes learning a piece of cake."

Birgit Mauroner,
Consultant and Trainer, BEITRAINING

"Marco thinks and acts very solution-oriented and convinces with his open and positive attitude."

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