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Why Us

Merely talking does not work!

We are aware of the fact that effective change requires much more. Therefore, we attach great value to the following: 

- Individualized Training

- Intensive Learning with Application

- Long-term Support

We are looking forward to having a transparent communication with you. During a personal video chat you will receive in-depth insights regarding our work. Contact us!


Marco Sander

Master of Psychology (Maastricht University)

Since my childhood I am nurturing and developing my passion for giving presentations and seminars. Paired with my passion for a significant contribution and using one´s full potential I am giving goal-oriented impulses.


My signature strength is defined by seeing the big picture in a clear way. It comes easy to me to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant facts, which provides my work with certain momentum and efficiency. 

Throughout my extensive experience in the field of psychology and the cooperation with multiple seminar companies I decided to integrate the most effective methods and knowledge and follow a new path.

It is my mission to help people developing themselves - understanding oneself in an enjoyable way and growing together.


The Psychology of Growth


Strength: We are focussing on finding and nuturing passion instead of allocating the majority of our time trying to minimize weaknesses.

Values: The personal value system is playing a crucial role regarding motivation. Together we work out your personal values and make sure that those are compatible to your attitude and work.  

Typology: People unlike each other. On the one hand, we are creating a full-range-understanding for an harmonious co-working. On the other hand, we value each and every individual to create room for their development.

These findings can be used to set meaningful goals and initiate authentic change processes.


Decision-Making: Foundational decisions for your personal future.


Goal-Setting: Clear and motivating goals.

Planning: Define sub-goals and answer the "Why-Question". 

Based on self-knowledge we can set authentic goals leading to sustainable motivation and results.


Resilience: Dealing with stress in a healthy way, living a fulfilling life, burnout-prevention.

Breaks: Implementing optimal rest-breaks in your day-to-day life, which is leading to a more relaxed state-of-mind but also boosts your productivity.

Health: This is the fundament of your life - for today and tomorrow. 

Sustainable growth is depending on the regeneration of your resources. 


Creativity: Innovation is the leading force for sustainable growth and success. The field of psychology is providing us with multiple tools to increase our creative potential. 

Productivity: Doing the most important things in a more effective and quicker way.

Motivation: Work with passion and simultaneously 

motivate others as a by-product.

Yielding better results due to working intelligently. 


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